A Revolution in Education

We are founders of the Hubee network of schools, which apply neuroscience principles to learning processes on a daily basis.

We have invested over 50,000 hours accompanying and guiding thousands of teachers, principals, students, parents, supervisors and personnel in the education system. All of our work is based on our belief in people, in constant learning and in the development of effective learning. For us, learning is a value. It’s a celebration. Come celebrate with us!

What Do We Offer?

Hubee: A Pedagogical Revolution in Schools
The Hubee model assists schools seeking a pedagogical revolution that will affect daily learning in the classroom, in core subjects, on large scales and over time. Addressing core curriculums, this model examines how content can be learnt differently, in a practical manner, every day, all day long.

Systematic Pedagogical Support for Municipalities
We support municipalities in ensuring that teachers are empowered, pedagogy is a party, student and teacher initiatives grow and supportive routines are built.

Organizational Consulting
We partner with the Pedagogic Administration of the Israeli Ministry of Education to instill an organizational culture of self-management and focus resources in schools on subjects requiring special guidance. Our team of experienced and professional organizational consultants have supported nearly 600 schools across Israel, leaving their mark and making a difference.

Innovative Methods, Guidance and Professional Development
We provide effective professional development that shows results. Our learning processes enable teachers and managers to explore their practices, and those of their colleagues, in order to constantly develop. We specialize in developing learning and designing innovative learning environments based on international neuro-pedagogy research, and all our content is validated by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Hadas Harel, a leading Israeli neuroscience researcher.