Organizational Effectiveness

We are Israel’s largest company integrating neuroscience research in the development of effective learning and organizational change processes.

Our services include courses and workshops on a range of subjects, from professional development, training and certification to executive development, technical writing, micro-learning and digital content.

We are experts in innovative learning, leading the strategic development of hundreds of managers and enabling organizations to increase effectiveness, improve performance, shape agile change management and achieve strategic goals.

Organizational Development and Consulting

 We have extensive experience in organizational development processes derived from neuroscience change theories, agile
thinking and the use of cutting-edge digital tools.
Our nationwide team of more than 50 organizational consultants work with managers, teams, units, divisions and entire organizations, directing work meetings and workshops, building internal communication, and ensuring renewal and growth to meet organizational goals.
Consultant services include:
  • Formulating organizational strategy
  • Building organizational infrastructures: structure, role definitions, interfaces and processes
  • Facilitating organizational change
  • Improving teamwork, communication and organizational motivation
  • Implementing digital transformations, changing habits and work patterns
  • Managing change
  • Developing management and leadership skills
  • Mentoring for junior and senior managers

Come Learn with Us!

Join us in the learning journey by taking advantage of our courses, workshops and Learning Club.


Monthly Learning Club 

 Contribute, share and learn in our learning club (free of charge; advance registration required) which meets on the first Sunday of every month from 15:00-16:30 in our offices in Rishon LeTzion. Meetings include guest speakers from leading Israeli enterprises, government offices and learning institutions.

Courses and Professional Training

For more than 10 years, we have been running a course on Organizational Learning Development at the Holon Institute for Technology (HIT).

A practical course covering organizational instructional design and models for the development of training, training methods, training assessment and learning technologies, it is designed to nurture problem-solving skills and develop content for organizational learning.

Neuro-Management Workshops

Scientific awareness of neuro processes has the potential to improve the way we work, think, learn, make decisions and motivate employees. This series of workshops is designed for employees and managers seeking the latest and most effective tools for managing their work routines.